China, Chi-no!

Our time in China was nothing like we were expecting. We ended up doing very little cycling and a lot of discovering, not just the uniqueness of Xinjiang Province and how the Chinese government tries to control absolutely everything, but also about ourselves.

Tajikistan; cycling at the top of the world!

Tajikistan is, for many cyclists, synonym of mountains, and that’s what we went there for! What we didn’t know, nor expected, was that there’s much more to fall in love with than just that…

Surprisingstan; unexpected Uzbekistan

Spring had finally come and we were really looking forward to camping and spending some time in the wild.

“Unfortunately”, Uzbek people had other plans for us…

Quickmenistan; 96 hours in Turkmenistan

We were expecting 5 days of hardship, flat and boring desert landscape and the police force on our back but what we found was, luckily, far from this reality.

One year on the road, how do you feel ?

A few hours before our departure last year, we posted about our feelings as we were about to embark on the trip of our life (read here). One year and millions of adventures later, reading back on those words brings a smile to our faces as we realise how far we have come on so…