The adventure

We are Aurelie and Marco but people now know us as 421adventure. It stands for 4 wheels 2 hearts 1 world and it’s probably the best description of our trip. The “adventure” part is self-explanatory but to be more precise it started in Helsinki on the 27th of April 2018 and it will finish in Singapore on the … whenever ! Ah Ah ! If you are more the visual kind of person we have prepared for you a series of interesting videos ! And if you want to follow us day-by-day, we share nice and interesting stories and pictures on Facebook and Instagram @421adventure .

During this adventure we are raising awareness about the power of the bicycle. It’s an amazing and useful tool and we would like to show that it’s much more than just sporting equipment or an incredible miracle of engineering; in many parts of the world and for many people having access to a bicycle can make the difference between being socially segregated and being part of the community.

Along the way we are also fundraising. 100% of the funds will go to two admirable causes;

88bikes provides bicycles to young women and girls in developing countries who have been victims of human trafficking or are at risk of being isolated from society. They have been triumphantly doing so since 2007 and have successfully donated over eight thousand bikes to communities in 17 countries.


Wheels for Wellbeing is an award-winning charity supporting disabled people to enjoy the benefits of cycling. They are also politically active to improve infrastructures, roads, etc. so that people with special needs can access public and private spaces more easily, particularly by bike.


You can be part of the story too by helping us to support these admirable causes. Just click on this donate link and… be part of the story !

HungaryIn Hungary, the owner of this restaurant offered a lunch on a very hot and sunny summer day. We were so grateful !